Pet Carrier Hand Bag


This item is a practical pet bag, which is made of durable cloth fabric. 
Its special design guarantees pets breathe freely and feel comfortable in it. 
Therefore, it is really a wonderful pet carrier bag.


- Color: Rosy.
- Material: Durable cloth fabric.
- Size S: Approx. 44.5cm(Hem width);40cm(Top width);26cm(Height);20cm(Thickness).
- Size L: Approx. 53.5cm(Hem width);47cm(Top width);27cm(Height);23cm(Thickness).
- Stripe type pet bag, simple and practical.
- Holes and roll-up mesh design with good breathability.
- You can take your beloved dog anywhere and anytime.
- With detachable shoulder strap, can be a handbag or shoulder bag as needed.