Our Story

Formed in 18' Meow & Bark is the result of 2 pet loving friends coming together to serve other crazy pet parents like ourselves...
The name came from a standard argument, you know?
which ones better , cats or dogs?
In the end we agreed to disagree!
We love all fur babies, and don't think one can be better than the other. Each pet is pawesome in their own special way! 
Our store was formed after sadly losing both our beloved Tabby Cat and Jack Russell in 17' and early 18'.
We decided we would continue to be involved with pets another way as we couldn't bring ourselves to replace our beloved friends.
We started our store to give back to the pet community. Our passion is now searching for great products our customers and furry friends will love.
Seeing how happy it makes them.
Wev'e now served over 1000+ customers and are truly grateful!
We love being inspired by pet parents and their relationships. 
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